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Achievement gap

Empower families

  • Closing the civic achievement gap <article> Meira Levinson

Leading school improvement

Social conditions that enable learning

  • Easy as ABC: Quality childcare matters for low-income families <article> Kathleen McCartney

Effective classroom practices

  • Summer reading and summer not: Fighting the summer reading slump <article> James Kim

Integrative instructional approaches

  • Lee Academy: A school focused on closing the achievement gap <article + video> Richard Weissbourd

Rethinking the black/white achievement gap

  • Challenging the notion of "oppositional culture" <article> John Diamond
  • A new era of civil rights <article> Mica Pollock
  • Everyday anti-racism <article> Mica Pollock

Learning and language

  • Listen to your mother <article> Barbara Alexander Pan, Judith Singer and Catherine Snow

Family involvement can make a difference

  • Family involvement: what does the research say? <article> Harvard Family Research Project
  • Family involvement has been shown to promote children's literacy <interview> Heather Weiss

Book review

  • Higher Education and the Color Line <review>

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