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Decisions through Data

Conducting research to guide policy

Charter, pilot, and traditional schools in Boston: Facts to refocus the debate
Article featuring: Thomas Kane

Using data to improve instruction

The Heart of Data Wise
Article featuring: Richard Murnane, Kathryn Boudett, and Elizabeth City
Using assessment to improve instruction
Article featuring: Richard Murnane, Kathryn Boudett, and Elizabeth City
No teacher left behind? Good news and bad about new routes to becoming a teacher
Article featuring: Susan Moore Johnson

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Using tests to assess performance and inform policy

Still getting ready for school: Supporting students as they prepare for college
Article and videos featuring: Bridget Terry Long
Measure for measures: What do standardized tests really tell us about students and schools?
Article and video featuring: Daniel Koretz

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Using data to raise student achievement

Making it Work: Low-wage employment, family life, and child development
Interview and audio featuring: Hirokazu Yoshikawa
From lipstick to learning: Research goes to school
Article and video featuring: Kurt Fischer

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Designing educational research

What can educators learn from the Red Sox?
Interview and video featuring: Judith Singer and Beth Gamse
What can educators learn from the student-teacher relationship?
Article featuring: Deborah Meier
Sometimes, pictures speak louder than words
Interview and video featuring: Wendy Luttrell

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