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Learning and Development

Learning and the brain

Beginning in the brain: Pioneering the field of educational neuroscience
Article featuring: Bruno della Chiesa
What's the brain got to do with it?
Article featuring: Kurt Fischer
How education can change the brain
Summary and video featuring: Antonio Damasio
Skills and the brain grow together
Video featuring: Kurt Fischer
The flexible brain
Interview featuring: Kurt Fischer
Are people more than just their brains?
Video featuring: Kurt Fischer and Antonio Damasio

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Learning and language

If you can't see it, feel it, or taste it, how can you learn about it?
Article featuring: Paul Harris
Learning from talk
Interview featuring: Paul Harris
Listen to your mother
Article featuring: Barbara Alexander Pan, Judith Singer and Catherine Snow

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Learning by doing

Learning in museums
Article featuring: Shari Tishman
Critical exploration in the classroom
Article featuring: Eleanor Duckworth

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Providing support for healthy development

The good, the bad, and the tolerable: How different stress levels impact the developing brain
Article featuring: Jack Shonkoff
Secrets of successful after school programs: What research reveals
Article featuring: Harvard Family Research Project

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Reading and writing

Struggling to read: The rhythms and sounds of dyslexia
Article and audio featuring: Jenny Thomson
Rx for struggling readers
Article and video featuring: Catherine Snow
The reading wars are over
Abstract and link featuring: Catherine Snow

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Teaching for understanding

Connections, consequences, and understanding
Article featuring: Tina Grotzer
Origins of a framework for effective practice
Article featuring: Howard Gardner, David Perkins, and Vito Perrone

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Utilizing new and emerging technology

No child left out: Making school work for everyone
Article featuring: David Rose
Handheld computing
Video featuring: Chris Dede
Learning in a virtual world
Video featuring: Chris Dede
Teaching for understanding with technology
Article featuring: Stone Wiske

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