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From the topic: Learning and Development

Struggling to read: The rhythms and sounds of dyslexia
HGSE Assistant Professor Jenny Thomson

In this audio interview, Jenny Thomson clarifies our current understanding of the difficulties associated with dyslexia.
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Skills and the brain grow together
HGSE Professor Kurt Fischer

In this video clip, Kurt Fischer, from HGSE's Mind, Brain, and Education program, talks about exciting research findings that relate growth in skills to growth in brain activity.
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How education can change the brain
Professor Antonio Damasio, University of Southern California

Antonio Damasio, Professor of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Neurology at the University of Southern California, spoke with the HGSE community about these examples of how educational experience alters the brain. From a conference at HGSE, October, 2004.
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Are people more than just their brains?
Professors Kurt Fischer and Antonio Damasio

Professors Antonio Damasio and Kurt Fischer each address how researchers go beyond offering only biological descriptions of learning and development.
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Rx for struggling readers
HGSE Professor Catherine Snow

View video excerpts of key findings from six chapters of the National Academy of Education's latest report, Knowledge to Support the Teaching of Reading: Preparing Teachers for a Changing World: Co-editor and Professor Catherine Snow presents at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, March 1, 2006.
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Handheld computing
HGSE Professor Chris Dede

In this video clip, Chris Dede, describes how teachers can take advantage of this distribution of work. Handheld computers can do the mundane computations associated with problem solving, allowing students to spend their time interpreting information and applying their skills.
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Learning in a virtual world
HGSE Professor Chris Dede

Teams of students can use a videogame-like interface to learn in a Multi-User Virtual Environment (MUVE). In this video clip, Chris Dede describes River City MUVE and evidence of its effectiveness for achieving learning goals.
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