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Usable Knowledge

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Kathleen McCartney



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HGSE Dean Kathleen McCartney

Hello, and welcome to our new Usable Knowledge Web site here at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

I am Dean Kathleen McCartney, and it is my pleasure to welcome you to what we hope will become a growing and vibrant resource – an online tool for education leaders seeking state of the art information on research, policy, and practice – about schools, teaching and learning.

Harvard University has long understood the central role of education for producing caring communities, successful economies, and contributing citizens. Since its inception in 1920, the Ed School has been Harvard’s headquarters for education enterprise.

Our mission is to prepare leaders in education and to generate knowledge, to improve student opportunity, achievement, and success.

This new Web site is a powerful extension of our mission. Usable Knowledge presents the work of our faculty in an accessible and engaging format that utilizes a number of different media forms, including text, audio, and video.

When you come here, you will learn about the work of our faculty, and find relevant information that you can use in your schools and communities. Our hope is that Usable Knowledge will become a “go to” site for the larger education community.

Thank you for visiting – please let us know what you think – and I hope your relationship with us will continue to grow and flourish.

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